Cyber Green Market (CGM) is an agriculture company and international trade website that mediates the sale of agricultural products, forest fruits, and their secondary products from all around the world.


The Cyber Green Market, apart from being a web platform, aims, like any other realworld marketplaces, to provide conditions and bring together, in one place, not only the supply and demand of agricultural products from all over the world - which is the main business of any classical market, but to acquire and bring together all other entities that have at least the small interest in working with agricultural products, starting from the supply and demand of agricultural machinery, through packaging and transport services, ending with farm and crop insurances, private pensions for farmers, and local guide services and mediation.


- Are You an individual producer or cooperative and have agricultural products?

Offer your products on the CGM platform.


- Are You a company exporting agricultural products?

Make offers on CGM platform too.


- Are You a company that processes agricultural products, forest fruits or mushrooms, and have your own canned products?

You are welcomed to offer Your products on CGM as well.


- Are You a company that imports agricultural products or any of the products offered on the CGM?

Make your demands, right now.


- Are You an insurance company, insurance agent or broker? Offer your farm and crop insurance plans and your private pension savings plans suitable for farmers on CGM, and increase your business.


- Are You a communicative person who knows foreign languages?

Make your CGM profile.

Stakeholders always need people to help them out, such as local guides, translators or mediators.

We look forward to join us.


Do You want to build a career and earn money as our Associate and CGM Promoter?


We will arrange a Skype meeting with You, and if You like our working conditions and earnings that we offer, You will become our Associate and start promoting the Cyber Green Market services.


The CGM directly connects the manufacturer with the consumer - when it comes to retail sales on the territory of a certain country; and- when it comes to export- CGM promotes the export of your agricultural products abroad.

Manufactures can place their products at the CGM (via photos, video, and information about themselves and their products) and quickly and simply come in a direct contact with their potential consumers from their countries.

For the traders and export companies, CGM is a promoter of their goods anywhere in the world and provides direct contact between them and their potential clients-trading companies from all around the world.

CGM will be constantly present on the largest internet platforms dealing with the sale of fruits and vegetables, with a constant promotion of the agricultural products from our platform everywhere in the world .

With the CGM the distance between the consumer and the direct manufacturer no longer exists. We live in a fast and dynamic world! No need to go to the market! You simply make an order from home and have your order at the front door.

Merchants and export companies do not need to spend your time and resources looking for partners around the world! Let us from CGM do this for You.

Direct producers, with CGM You get a virtual stall on which You will be able to sell your products, regardless of the distance in the space, 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week, from which the consumers from anywhere in your countries will be able to directly contact You and make You an order.

Merchants and exporters, You get a promotion and marketing of the products You trade - all over the world. From now on the CGM takes care of the information about your company, your products, and your contact details, to be constantly in the mailboxes of the world's largest consumers in all corners of the world. Stop looking for your customers, let the CGM helps the customers to look for You.

Consumers, whether You are physical or legal entities, whether You are a household or a super market anywhere in the world, CGM offers vegetables, fruits, forest fruits, and secondary products, everything in one place, and reduces your purchase to a several simple clicks.

With respect,

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